Do feel like this creature? Here are 12 practical tips for combating dry skin. People are actively looking for solutions to their dry skin problems- I thought I would share awesome winter skin care hacks with you.
Dry skin can affect the young as well as more experienced skin. The scalp can be dry, itchy and flaky, and the dry reaches all the way down to the feet. This can be exaggerated by hormonal issues such as menopause. Here are some practical tips for combating dry skin:

  • Stay hydrated- drinking enough water throughout the day can certainly help. Avoiding diuretic beverages such as coffee and alcohol help too. Fast track tip: drink herbal teas packed with nutrients!
  • Try switching to a shampoo for dry hair, and/or shampoo less often
  • Shower faster (with not too hot water)
  • Make use of hair repair and oil treatments, weekly if necessary
  • Check out supplements: omega 3 fish oils, flax seed oil
  • You may want to increase intake of high fat foods like nuts and avocados-while decreasing carbs & sugar consumption (just as soon as you finish all that Halloween candy)
  • Use products that contain: shea butter and other emollients
  • Adjust your skin care routine to seasonal changes
    • Try: facial oils. Avoid alcohol based toners
    • Try: a cream cleanser. Avoid: soap
  • Dry skin brushing can be very effective- not to mention the added benefits from increasing your circulation and moving your lymph (psst, check out the video link below- 5mins with Joy McCarthy)
  • Exfoliate weekly: body scrub (include feet and hands) and a face scrub- be sure to use a facial scrub actually meant for the face (a body scrub will be too harsh)
  • Try a body oil or body butter right after your shower or bath
  • If you have a humidifier, now is the time! Don’t forget to add your favourite essential oils
How to dry skin brush with Joy McCarthy

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