quick start to using essential oilsQuick Start to using Essential Oils by Deanna Russell

About the Book
Quick Start to using Essential Oils: Foundational Concepts for Aromatherapy is an important resource for anyone interested in using essential oils. This is THE ONE BOOK that you need to get up and running. It is packed with quick start tips and practical information that every new essential oil user needs to have- and will refer to often. Book sections include: safety, blending tips, profiles of twelve accessible and versatile superstar essential oils, carrier oil profiles, helpful lists and resources, recipes to get you started, and MORE.

Author Bio: Deanna Russell, EOT® (Essential Oil Therapist), is a Registered Aromatherapist, Cl Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist, and essential oil therapist (EOT®) located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an instructor passionate about educating people who want to use essential oils. She is the owner and founder of Nature Notes Aromatherapy, and has a private consulting practice in Calgary, Canada.

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