Natural Skin Care Using Essential Oils and Botanicals

is perfect for the person who is interested in natural skin care. It contains valuable information on how to choose the skin care products that will best suit your individual needs. This book covers skin type assessment, and top essential oils, top carrier oils and other bonus ingredients to use for each skin type, including inflamed skin conditions. The aromatherapy home facial is outlined in step by step sections, from the mini facial to to the 10 step regime, this book has you covered.
For those interested in making your own skin care products, there are recipes outlined for you as well.
Natural Skin Care Using Essential Oils and Botanicals is also the textbook for the Natural Skin Care course taught by Deanna Russell.
Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist, and essential oil therapist (EOT®) located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an instructor passionate about educating people who want to use essential oils.
She is the owner and founder of Nature Notes Aromatherapy, and has a private consulting practice in Calgary, Canada. She has also developed a holistic natural skin care line available in Canada.
Deanna is a professional member of BCAOA (British Columbia Alliance Of Aromatherapy) in Canada in good standing.
Deanna loves photography, design, gardening, tea blending, and typography. She has been experimenting and creating since early childhood, with plans to continue into very old age.

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