This 17 page (8.5″ x 11″ format for easy printing) handbook guide to using essential oils is now available from Nature Notes, written and compiled by clinical aromatherapist Deanna Russell. The handbook contains information about the following:

  • groupings and botanical classifications of essential oils
  • safety and contraindications
  • essential oil used for 26 common problems including stress, insect bites & eczema
  • profiles on 12 essential oils
  • recipes
  • babies and children section
  • blending info & tips, including a blending wheel guide
  • methods application chart
  • worksheet pages for blending and creating
  • top 10 essential oils lists chart for travel, women, children & beginning to use oils and more!

This is an excellent resource for those who wish to know about how you can effectively and safely use essential oils for yourself and your family.