Normal & Combination Skin Face Care

The Etude Claire Series are made to be partnered together. Did you know? The name means “A study in clean”

If you have oily patches and/or acne, the following are formulated to help. Here is your recommended daily routine:


  • Etude Claire Cleanser

Choose your Toner

  • Etude Claire Face Tonic- partner with Etude Claire Cleanser
  • Copiaba & Tamarind Toner


  • Cypress & Argan Face Moisturizer is the perfect start to your day
  • Radiant Glow Face Oils are the perfect end to your day

Choose your Clay Mask

Nature Notes recommends doing a face mask once a week.

  • Rhassoul & Burdock Clay Mask
  • Rosehip & Green Tea Clay Mask

Etude Claire Face Kit

If you struggle with blemishes on your face, consider doing a facial steam once weekly using one of Nature Notes essential oil blends.

Essential Oil Blends for face steam

  • Medik
  • No Pressure
  • Softly
  • Mountain Air